Reptile and Pet Microgeens

Microgreens are vegetables and herbs grown for just a few weeks. We adjust our harvesting times according to each variety in order to obtain peak flavor and freshness. Our microgreens are grown with artificial and organic soil in a food safe certified greenhouse located in Central Washington.

Nutrient-dense, flavorful microgreens all month long.

Microgreen subscriptions are an extra easy way to make live microgreens part of your food routine.

Here's how it works:

Simply sign up for your subscription, right on this page. It's $50 for a month of live microgreens. You get to choose whether you want a mix of two or more varieties.

Two weeks later we'll have your first 10" x 20" tray of live microgreens for your pet ready for you at your home. we'll contact you to confirm your preferred pickup point when you sign up. And from then on, a fresh tray will be waiting for you there every other week.


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